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Our Services

I.     Writing Assistance

The team at SRI with the help of their diverse knowledge and research experience can help, individuals, organizations to solve their business problems.

Organizations are working in very turbulent business environments. The classical mechanisms of knowledge may not be able to address all and today's challenges. Business organizations need to adopt innovative approaches to solve problems and thereby understand respective stakeholders expectations, their wants and needs.

Hence, we here at 'Social Research Insights' help organizations to know their stakeholders much better and help them ensure good value which in turn might result satisfaction all parties concerned. 

For any research consultation or assistance please call us ++919848396972 or write to

II.     Lab Establishments and Training

Industrial or corporate landscape is changing drastically. Big data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) are two such abrupt changes that will determine the course of academics. The impact of these technological changes in industry has vehement impact on the way academics design and deliver the content. Colleges/institutes/universities are busy in inducing such technology in order to keep pace with the industry requirements. The entire size of big data industry is expected to touch $ 180 billion by 2019. US will face a shortage of 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can understand and make decisions using Big Data by 2018. The other interesting change is about salaries; 14% of all analytics professionals get a salary of more than Rs. 15 lakh per annum. The companies usually pay approximately 21 % of more salary compared to any other conventional hire.

Regarding Internet of Things (IoT); by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices. The IoT is or will be a giant network of connected “things”.  One of the studies predict that the Impact of the Internet of Things on global economy might be as high as $ 6.2 trillion by 2025. Industry estimates that by 2019 it (i.e. IoT) will be more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car, and the wearable market combined. There are 4000 + startups in India and roughly 450 and odd are literally in hunt of talent that are trained in IoT.

Social Research Insights is a freelance outfit engaging in promoting open source software for both big data analytics and IoT. We would like to propose you establishing a dedicated lab facility for your students and other teaching community which might help them do research and impart knowledge. 

Please find the proposal in attachment with this mail and feel free to reach us at +919177573730. If interested, you can schedule an online talk by writing to